EC Baseball 2020 Raffle

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Raffle Details

Drawings will begin November 1, 2020, and will be drawn each day thereafter for 30 days with the winning numbers will be posted to the website and on the Emmanuel College Baseball social media outlets. Each day will consist of 5 drawings and conclude with the daily gun drawing as the final ticket drawn. A maximum of 1,000 tickets will be sold. Total tickets sold, prizes and guns being raffled will be posted on the website prior to first drawing. Tickets may be purchased up until the final raffle drawing. Winning numbers must exactly match number drawn, and number drawn will be compared to the name ticket was sold to. Number must match name or ticket will be forfeited and another name will be drawn. Once you have been assigned a number, you will have that number for all daily drawings. Multiple tickets may be purchased. The ticket owner must provide proof of identification and be 18 years of age. The exact name on the ticket is the only person who will be allowed to pick up their prize. All winnings must be claimed by January 31, 2021 or you risk losing your prize. Due to increased demand for firearms at this time there may be a slight delay in pick up dates. All gun winners are responsible for picking up their winnings from Foxhole Guns and Archery in Gainesville, Georgia. Winner must be able to pass a background check and will be responsible for any fees associated with the license transfer. All guns will be held at Foxhole Guns and Archery in Gainesville, Georgia. Out of state residents who wish to purchase tickets may do so, however, they will be responsible for all shipping and transfer fees. Guns must be shipped to another FFL, no exceptions. All other prizes will be delivered to the winners.

Additional Raffle Items

Each day we will have 5 drawings for items from this list and conclude with a gun drawing.

Emmanuel College Gear (T-Shirts, Hats, Beanies and Hoodies)

5 night stay in Destin Condo

Omaha Steak Package

50” LG TV

Yeti 45 Cooler

Weber Grill

Amazon Fire Stick (4)

Echo Dot (4)

Amazon Gift Card $100 (4)

Yeti 30oz (2)

Yeti 20oz (2)

Yeti 14oz (2)

Yeti 10oz (2)

Darden Restaurants Gift Card $30 (9)

Chick Fil A Gift Card (5)

Subway Gift Card (5)

Target Gift Card (4)

Starbucks Gift Card (4)

Walmart Gift Card (4)

Dunkin Gift Card (4)

Chipotle Gift Card (4)

Raffle Winner Board

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DatePrizeWinning Ticket
1-NovTarget Gift Card10054
Emmanuel College Hat10362
Emmanuel College Hoodie10422
Darden Gift Card10627
Browning A- Bolt III Black SYN (you pick Caliber)10050
2-NovChick-Fil-A Gift Card10100
Emmanuel College T-Shirt10573
Emmanuel College Beanie10195
Weber Grill10148
Taurus G2C 9MM10214
3-NovChipotle Gift Card10279
Emmanuel College Hat10495
Emmanuel College Hoodie10590
Amazon Fire Stick10607
Smith & Wesson 642 Revolver 38 SPL10608
4-NovSubway Gift Card10584
Emmanuel College T-Shirt10420
Emmanuel College Beanie10517
Darden Gift Card10355
SAR-9 9MM Semi Auto Handgun10610
5-NovStarbucks Gift Card10357
Emmanuel College Hat10342
Emmanuel College Hoodie10413
Amazon Gift Card10325
Henry H001 22LR Lever Action10006
6-NovWalmart Gift Card10348
Emmanuel College T-Shirt10055
Emmanuel College Beanie10318
Yeti 10 oz10641
Remington 870 Pump Shotgun 12GA or 20GA10626
7-NovDunkin Gift Card10228
Emmanuel College Hat10641
Emmanuel College Hoodie10302
Yeti 10 oz10508
Rock Island 1911 45ACP10285
8-NovTarget Gift Card10272
Emmanuel College T-Shirt10373
Emmanuel College Beanie10204
Darden Gift Card10620
Glock 43X 9MM10181
9-NovChick-Fil-A Gift Card10145
Emmanuel College Hat10532
Emmanuel College Hoodie10327
Omaha Steak Package10340
Ruger Wrangler 22LR Revolver10416
10-NovChipotle Gift Card10600
Emmanuel College T-Shirt10112
Emmanuel College Beanie10228
Echo Dot10233
Ruger Predator 6.5 Creedmore10079
11-NovSubway Gift Card10178
Emmanuel College Hat10540
Emmanuel College Hoodie10517
Darden Gift Card10016
FN509 9MM10524
12-NovStarbucks Gift Card10304
Emmanuel College T-Shirt10229
Emmanuel College Beanie10308
Amazon Gift Card10136
Glock 44 22LR10078
13-NovWalmart Gift Card10496
Emmanuel College Hat10016
Emmanuel College Hoodie10516
Yeti 14 oz10127
ATI Calvery Over/Under Shotgun 12GA10406
14-NovDunking Donuts Gift Card10605
Emmanuel College T-Shirt10035
Emmanuel College Beanie10422
Yeti 14 oz10267
Ruger 10/22 22LR10164
15-NovTarget Gift Card10516
Emmanuel College Hat10575
Emmanuel College Hoodie10179
Darden Gift Card10283
Mossberg MAV 88 12GA Pump Shotgun10551
16-NovChick-Fil-A Gift Card10637
Emmanuel College T-Shirt10569
Emmanuel College Beanie10600
50" LG TV10075
Ruger MK IV 22LR Pistol10313
17-NovChipotle Gift Card10055
Emmanuel College Hat10606
Emmanuel College Hoodie10009
Amazon Fire Stick10159
SAR-9 9MM Semi Auto Handgun10360
18-NovSubway Gift Card10631
Emmanuel College T-Shirt10507
Emmanuel College Beanie10197
Darden Gift Card10216
Ruger American 308 WIN10234
19-NovStarbucks Gift Card10683
Emmanuel College Hat10191
Emmanuel College Hoodie10142
Amazon Gift Card10558
Taurus G2C 9MM10298
20-NovWalmart Gift Card10302
Emmanuel College T-Shirt10577
Emmanuel College Beanie10419
Yeti 20 oz10564
Smith & Wesson 642 Revolver 38 SPL10514
21-NovDunkin Donuts Gift Card10172
Emmanuel College Hat10588
Emmanuel College Hoodie10544
Yeti 20 oz10497
Henry H018 410GA Lever Action10565
22-NovTarget Gift Card10453
Emmanuel College T-Shirt10411
Emmanuel College Beanie10173
Darden Gift Card10583
CZ P-10S 9MM Pistol10357
23-NovChick-Fil-A Gift Card10269
Emmanuel College Hat10323
Emmanuel College Hoodie10661
Yeti 45 Cooler10378
Savage AXIS 270WIN or 30-0610443
24-NovChipotle Gift Card10133
Emmanuel College T-Shirt10349
Emmanuel College Beanie10647
Echo Dot10260
Glock 44 22LR10664
25-NovSubway Gift Card10371
Emmanuel College Hat10644
Emmanuel College Hoodie10506
Darden Gift Card10073
Smith & Wesson 686 Revolver 357MAG10369
26-NovStarbucks Gift Card10487
Emmanuel College T-Shirt10618
Emmanuel College Beanie10403
Amazon Gift Card10648
Ruger American 17HMR10159
27-NovWalmart Gift Card10636
Emmanuel College Hat10543
Emmanuel College Hoodie10340
Yeti 30 oz10368
Glock 48 9MM10415
28-NovDunkin Donuts Gift Card10064
Emmanuel College T-Shirt10607
Emmanuel College Beanie10361
Yeti 30 oz10258
Savage 110 EnGauge 6.5 PRC10463
29-NovSubway Gift Card10475
Emmanuel College Hat10258
Emmanuel College Hoodie10028
Darden Gift Card10481
Browning A5 Sweet 16 16GA10223
30-NovChick-Fil-A Gift Card10083
Emmanuel College T-Shirt10359
Emmanuel College Beanie10637
5 night stay in Destin, FL Condo10185
Ruger AR556 AR-15 5.56NATO10120